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We were pleased to greet Steve Maltz on 3rd of October who delivered a day’s seminar on the subject ‘Flockdown’ in accordance with his new book of the same title. After a morning and afternoon session, the participants took part in a discussion and question time.

Steve’s subjects covered the ‘Foundations’ of church before moving on to consider ‘Local church’, where he delved more deeply into what the pandemic has meant to churches and their agenda’s, especially in the light of the lock-downs that have been imposed. He made the point that ‘doing’ church had changed dramatically during this period, with many churches adopting the latest technology that has enabled the members of churches to continue to access services and some fellowship.

However, the question he raised was whether churches and their leaders have stopped to listen to what the Lord might be saying, as God has clearly allowed churches to close. His main observation was that so many have merely carried on with church as normal but on-line.

People in the world are asking many questions about what might be behind this unprecedented world event and yet hear little from church leaders with any Biblical response.

Steve believed that things will have changed radically for both society and for churches during these months and are likely to continue to do so. This means that the possibility of what he called “Hybrid’ church could be considered more and more, which he outlined more deeply.

His call to the church was to ensure that ‘Watchmen’ are on the gate, so to speak, to hear what the Lord is saying during this crisis and what He might be saying in the future.

Further seminars featuring teaching, biblical guidance and open discussions are planned. Take a look at our Seminar Programme page for more details.

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