Our first seminar of the year

Big Ben and Houses of Paliament, London

Our first seminar of the year, led by Andrea Williams and Tim Dieppe of Christian Concern, was attended by around 35 people of all ages, from as far afield as Winchester.

We heard first from Andrea about the State of the Nation in a presentation that managed to be informative, challenging and uplifting. We received up-to-date information on various issues, such as the LGBT agenda in what our children are being presented with in school, abortion statistics, marriage and family, and the situation in the Church of England. Andrea encouraged us to be bold and unashamed of our Lord Jesus Christ, and to find a voice to challenge the secular agenda of these days.

Tim Dieppe then spoke on the influence of Islam. He said that with 5.8% of the population of the UK, in many ways Muslims are having a disproportionate influence on our society. He explained how sharia law is operating in a parallel system to our own legal system. He also spoke on what Muslims believe, the strategy of Islam in gradually increasing their control, and how Christians should respond—in essence: Expose Islam/Love Muslims.

After lunch there was a question and answer session. Topics included how Prince Charles wishing to be ‘Defender of Faith’ would affect things once the Queen died, what right do Christians have to impose biblical morality onto a secular culture, and how do we confront people in our churches when they label us as unloving. We were encouraged not to be afraid of what people call us, but to listen, love, befriend and, when we can, share appropriately what we think.

All in all, a very helpful day.

Brilliant! Looking forward to the next one.

It was fascinating to learn what is going on in the world that we never hear about.

Our follow-up seminar on Saturday 23rd November will address ‘What is Happening in the Church’, and is already nearly fully booked. Click here for more details.

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