What is Happening in the World?

It was exciting on Saturday 9th November to see the launch of our new programme with the first of two seminars setting out the big picture on “Preparing for Jesus’ Return”, led by Graham Bridger our Chair of Trustees.

The seminar was fully booked, and there was a real buzz in the air as nearly 50 people of all ages, from as far afield as East London to Nottinghamshire, gathered together in the Main Lounge at Pilgrims Hall. Graham spoke, with video clips and illustrations, on ‘What is Happening in the World’ as far as politics, finance, the environment, and moral standards are concerned, and pointed out how there is no longer an acceptance of absolute truth.

After lunch, those attending had the opportunity to watch an interview with Gavin Ashenden, a former chaplain to the Queen, explaining the rise in cultural Marxism. He spoke about how we may well be about to lose our freedom to talk and think and act without finding ourselves outside of the law.

Despite all the challenges faced by believers in these days, Graham encouraged all present to remember that what we are seeing is Biblical prophecy being fulfilled, and that we are receiving a Kingdom that cannot be shaken.

Comments overheard from people attending:

Brilliant! Looking forward to the next one.

It was fascinating to learn what is going on in the world that we never hear about.

Our follow-up seminar on Saturday 23rd November will address ‘What is Happening in the Church’, and is already nearly fully booked. Click here for more details.

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