About Pilgrims Hall

Pilgrims Hall is a Christian ministry and retreat centre located in Brentwood, Essex. It is a Regency house set in nineteen acres of gardens and grazing land, adjacent to the ancient route to Canterbury, known as ‘the Pilgrims Way’.

The centre is in many ways a unique place which offers: retreat accommodation for those who wish to spend time with the Lord in private worship, prayer, and Bible study; facilities for churches and Christian organisations to hold meetings, conferences etc.; and a teaching ministry through seminars and Bible studies.

Pilgrims Hall also has a Christian Bookshop and a Tea Room.

Aerial view of front of Pilgrims Hall


God’s Word for God’s world – Proclaiming Teaching, Living the Truth


Pilgrims Hall is a Christian ministry and retreat centre whose heart is to serve and support Christians, churches and Christian organisations by being a place where:

What we believe

We believe in:

Note: Pilgrims Hall believes that God created male and female (there being no distinction between biological sex and gender), marriage is between a man and a women and sex is solely confined to the arena of heterosexual marriage.

Who's Who

The Trustees

Pilgrims Hall has operated as a faith based charity for over 50 years—Pilgrims Hall Fellowship Limited (registered charity number 257216)—led by a board of Trustees, who are responsible for ensuring that it fulfils the charitable objectives established in the Memorandum and Articles of Association, and applies relevant laws and Charity Commission policy and guidance.

The Trustees are:

Resident Team

The resident team members are responsible for all the day-to-day operations and ministry of the Hall.

The team are:


We have a group of people who serve as volunteers in various roles to assist with the life, work and ministry of Pilgrims Hall.

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