Pilgrims Hall offers Bible based teaching by way of Bible studies, seminars and conferences in line with our vision “God’s Word for God’s world – Proclaiming, Teaching, Living the Truth”.

This ministry is designed to help equip Christians to know the Word of God, understand the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ, and experience the empowerment of the Holy Spirit in their day-to-day lives, against a backdrop of the unprecedented times in which we live with the assault on, and dilution of, traditional Christian values and beliefs, as well as distortion of the written Word of God. Political correctness, post-modern and new age thinking have increased deception within the church, and undermined the Gospel message that Jesus Christ is the Way, the Truth and the Life, and the only means of Salvation.

We are mindful that Biblical prophecy is unfolding before us and the promised return of Jesus is drawing ever closer. We seek to encourage and equip believers to stand firm in the truth as revealed exclusively in the Bible from Genesis to Revelation. As people look for meaning and hope, we know there is no sure foundation except the living Word of God, which is the truth that sets us free—encouraging, strengthening and equipping Christians to live sanctified lives when all around is being shaken.

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Our Ministry Programme for 2024 will include seminars and Bible studies. For up-to-date information, please sign up for our Newsletters, which give regular details of our planned events.

For current ministry events, please see the links below:


Teaching Articles

FAITH lettering

What are the fundamentals of the Christian faith?

Pilgrims Hall recently ran a series of Bible studies under the banner ‘Fundamentals of the Christian faith’. The aim was to unpack key components of ...
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The letters of HOLY printed on cards

Did you know that being holy is not about being good?

What is the first thing that comes to our minds when we read that God calls us to be holy? On first thoughts we might ...
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